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Mia's Elite School of Dance truly has something for everyone...

Mia's Elite School of Dance prides itself in offering a studio environment that is family-friendly. A few of the features you will find are a large classroom with professional Marley flooring, wall-to-wall mirrors, and a viewing window for parents to observe. Additionally, a qualified adult staff member at the front desk always assists with any needs.

Mia's Elite staff members take pride in working with each student and helping them grow as dancers. As an elite studio, we are dedicated to teaching our students not only the best technique but fresh, innovative, and creative choreography. Our staff provides a fun, loving, and structured environment for our dance families. Teamwork is our main focus. At Mia's Elite, we're not just a dance studio, we're a family!



Class Attendance and Make-Up Policy: Dancers are allowed two misses before Christmas break and two after. Dancers are encouraged to have perfect attendance. Dancers should arrive on time for proper warm-ups. Dancers are required to attend all required rehearsal classes each week plus technique classes. If you are going to miss a class please let Ms. Mia know in advance. Mia's Elite will not refund tuition, apply for credit, or pro-rate tuition charges for missed or canceled classes. Make-up classes are available and dancers are encouraged to make up any missed classes.

Extreme Weather/Cancelations: Mia's Elite School of Dance follows the Belton School District holiday and snow closing schedule. No classes will be held on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Memorial Day. Early dismissal from school due to inclement weather, please contact the studio for closing information.

Class Attire: Dancers need to wear appropriate dance attire. Leotards and tights, hot pants, and tank tops are preferred. No baggy pants or t-shirts. Please keep your hair pulled back away from the face. A ponytail or bun is preferred. Wear required dance shoes (tap, jazz, ballet shoes).

Injuries: Parents, legal guardians, of minor students, and students waive the right of any legal action for injury sustained on studio property resulting from normal dance activity conducted by the student before, during, or after class.

Photo/Video/Audio Release: Mia's Elite School of Dance is hereby granted permission to photograph, video, film, and/or audio record your child (recital videos, class photos, brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and social media).

Acknowledgment: As a parent or legal guardian, I hereby verify by my signature that I fully understand and accept each of the above conditions permitting my child to participate in dance and/or any activity with Mia's Elite School of Dance.

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